What about the Happy Fish?


The Happy Fish © also spreads a global message: it tells us that humans and nature can exist in harmony - that themes like flood control, navigation, the fishing industry, sustainable energy, recreation & tourism and fish migration can all successfully co-exist. Or even better, that they can form a perfect fit. The Happy Fish © is a symbol and role model for global development of initiatives and projects surrounding the free passage for fish populations that are:

  •  beneficial for humans and nature. Connectivity works not only for the fish, but for all flora and fauna involved.  An integral approach!;
  • integrated programmes that have many guardians,taking into account vital  collaborations between partners and stakeholders alike;
  • projects that are innovative and inspiring via their hands-on approach, open attitude and  the learning opportunities they provide;
  • intended to work with nature (instead of against it);
  • leading to the (inter)national restoration of nature at a systematic level.

The success story of the Happy Fish © begins in The Netherlands. On the Afsluitdijk to be precise, one of the few constructions visible from outer space, as we know thanks to Dutch astronaut and nature fan André Kuipers. On this famous national site, the Fish Migration River Afsluitdijk project will be initiated in 2017. With this unique ecological project, free fish passage will be reinstated for the first time in over 80 years. This will be accomplished through the creation of an underwater fish passage route that passes right through the dyke and the surrounding area, and includes a large transitional zone of 100 acres at the salt- to fresh water interface.


The project, which will function for the whole 24/7, is to be based on the natural tide cycle, and will be a paragon of ‘eco-engineering’ and a philosophy of ‘building with nature’. This is not only due to the vision, magnitude and scale of the fish pass structure, but also because of its attention to landscape integration, the use of tidal energy and to the number of partners involved. The Netherlands will soon have another Water Icon: a truly  inspiring project, showing how fish migration rivers can be created in an innovative, yet sustainable manner.

The scale of this solution will be unique for the Netherlands, but the nature of the challenge to fish is not.  Across the world, natural fish migration routes  have been blocked by human intervention for a range of reasons. But these unnatural barriers make it impossible for many fish populations to migrate between seawater and rivers as thery make their way to and from their original spawning grounds.

The logo and underlying concept of the Happy Fish © can be used by anyone who supports our message and wants to use it as a vantage point for similar developments anywhere in the world. The logo and underlying concept have copyrights! This has been done  to prevent the logo from being used for purposes that are not truly in line with the core principles of the Happy Fish © symbol.


You can find the conditions for using the Happy Fish © as a symbol for better fish migration here.